How to enable Passthrough for Mixed Reality – Meta Quest 3, Quest Pro, Quest 2

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To enable passthrough, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Enable Passthrough in OVRManager in OVRCameraRig
  2. Add OVRPassthroughLayer script
  3. Change the Camera’s clear flag and background

1. Enable Passthrough in OVRCameraRig > OVR Manager

Update Passthrough Support and Enable Passthrough

2. Add OVRPassthroughLayer script

Add OVRPassthroughLayer component to the OVRCameraRig. Select Underlay to use the passthrough as a background. This will create augmented reality experience by showing the physical environment.

3. Change Camera Background

Under OVRCameraRig > TrackingSpace > CenterEyeAnchor > Camera
Update Clear Flags to Solid Color and the Background color to black and alpha to 0.0

Seeing the passthrough environment but bluish color mixed?

Make sure to change the Camera’s Clear Flags and Background’s opacity. (step 3)

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