Drawing Star Wars in VR world with Tilt Brush (2017)

I love doodling and sketching things. Especially I like three-dimensional perspective drawings such as skyscrapers and big mechanical objects. I love the feeling of creating a world of illusion on two-dimensional paper.
Now with AR/VR/MR devices, the drawing experience is being changed dramatically. Since you can literally draw in 3D space, you don’t have to create the ‘illusion’ because it is a real 3D drawing. You just need to think a little bit about how to express volumetric objects in space with dots, lines, and surfaces.

Recently, I spent some time with Tilt Brush on a VR device, and sketched a battle scene from Star Wars with various types of spaceships that I love — Star Destroyer, X-Wing, TIE Fighter… I have been drawing these spaceships a lot on 2D paper but being able to draw three-dimensionally in space gives me a whole different way of thinking and perspective. In near future, I can imagine the drawing foundation classes in art schools teaching how to sketch in three-dimensional canvas using AR/VR/MR devices. It is a truly exciting moment to explore the new canvas.


*All drawings are from my memory. Obviously, I have been playing X-Wing and TIE Fighter games too much when I was a kid 😀

Received Steam Community Award – Michelangelo (July 2021)

Listed as one of the most popular artworks (all time).

Star Destroyer (from 2:35)

Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (from 6:09)

Corellian Corvette (from 8:12)

TIE Fighter (from 19:50)

Millenium Falcon (from 12:49)

X-Wing (from 15:54)

Imperial Shuttle (from 17:47)

Rebel Transport (from 10:43)

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